Week 4 Challenge


And the winners are…

Day 1: Mike J and MJ Quinn

Day 2: Anne W and Linda W

Day 3: Ann C and Sharon G

T-Shirt Winners:

Jeanette C, Karen T, Erica V, Joan A, Ann C, Glenys P, Kate M, Jeni M, Isolde W, Linda W

Thank you to all who have participated in the challenges and who have keyed in the past month!!


This week is pick your own project on Thursday, April 25, Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27. The the top reviewer and keyer will win their choice of prizes. In addition to these prizes all contributors who submit a total of 40, or more image sets during the challenge days will be entered in a drawing* to win one of ten “Don’t let the world’s stories disappear” t-shirts.

*Drawing winners will be chosen by a random selection process.

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Reader Comments

Question: Does challenge have to be of only one project, or can it be total records keyed of 2 or 3 projects? Please advise.

Linda, and all,
The Challenge is inclusive of all of the images sets you submit – so some contributors may focus on one project and others on many projects.

So far today 763 image sets have been submitted and the top contributor has submitted 47 image sets.

Happy Indexing!

And here I am with the first pleasant weekend weather in about a month and a half!! Ah well, perhaps in the evenings.

Not sure if this appropriate place, but I am new to keying and am stumped by this entry: (keying list of death extractions from newspaper) here it is exactly as seen:
Bklyn 28th Wm s Effingham & Rebecca J Sutton 4 1 8 gr f Wm Rushmore of Bklyn

Who died? what is the 4 1 8 ? Any help much appreciated


I sent you an email.

For future reference questions can be posted on the Discussion page for the project on the wiki, http://tinyurl.com/cgcfs7l, or on the message boards, http://boards.ancestry.com/wap.usrecordsother/mb.ashx.

And my apologies – the winners will be announced soon. We were in competition with the wonderful spring weather and yet still completed around 7000 image sets over the past few days for a total of 300,000+ records contributed!

Thank you!

So who won the challenge? How many contributors were there? Please, don’t keep us in suspense! ☺

I can’t stand the suspense! Tell us.. tell us!

Maybe Anna attended the Holocaust Museum 20th anniversary event, so there’s no posting yet on who won this challenge. We’ll just have to be patient in suspense!

I’m pretty sure this post is hers.


Seems funny that during the Challenge I couldn’t login for 2 days I am an active contributor usually doing 2-4 batches a day and during the challenge I kept getting user name not in our records hmmm seems kinda fishy to me though after the challenge I automatically can login now CS didnt do anything about the issue but works fine now that the challenge is over.

I am so sorry – I can assure you this wasn’t intentional. If this happens again please send us an email, worldarchivessupport@ancestry.com

Paul, Linda, td,
I am sorry it took so long to post. I was at the event but that isn’t the reason why it took me a little while to post. There were a few conflicting results and I wanted to absolutely positive of the winners before posting.

Are keyers or arbitrators who have won previously eligible to win again?

Stanton, and all,
You can only win once per “event”. So for the 4 Week Challenge you could only receive a prize for winning one Daily Challenge. So if you happened to be the top keyer for more than one Daily Challenge you would be named the winner the first time and any additional challenges the Top Keyer/Reviewer would go to the second place contributor.
Now that the 4 Week Challenge is over then you are eligible to win during the next event.