Week 2 Challenges

Update: We completed 444 keying image sets and 599 review image sets.  There were 4 contributors who completed 50+ review image sets and 8 contributors who completed 100+ keying image sets!  And the winners are:

Keying: Laurie A of  Minnesota

Review: Patricia L of California

And the Czech projects Challenge winners…

Keying: Michael T of Alabama

Review/Arbitration: Kate R of Nottinghamshire

A special mention for Paul who was the top contributor for Krakow – he had already won with the Rhode Island Challenge.



This week, April 7-14, has been set aside as the Days of Remembrance – to share in the commemoration and remembrance of the Holocaust our Project of the Day Challenges will include World Memory Project projects.

Challenge 1

Today we are releasing the Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 4) so it can be part of our first challenge – Wednesday, April 10-Thursday April 11.

Key: Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 4)

Review:  Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 3) & (Part 4)


Challenge 2

And our second challenge of the week will be Saturday, April 13- Sunday, April 14 and we will focus on the USHMM Czech records.

Key/Review/Arbitrate: USHMM – Czech Republic, Social Welfare and Repatriation Records of Holocaust Survivors, 1939-1948

Review/Arbitrate: USHMM – Czech Republic, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941

Although the USHMM records are Average difficulty I find that I hit my comfort zone after reading through the instructions a few times and slowly keying a few image sets.  I then recognize the key words and where they are found on the record.  And if it has been a while since you arbitrated image sets you might want to review the Arbitration Instructions for tips to refresh your memory.  (When I opened the first image set it was the look of the tool that threw me a little. 🙂 )




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Reader Comments

I have noted that there is an Issue with Arbitrating the “USHMM – Czech Republic, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941” in which one keyer seems to disappear. I am working on filtering these corrupt batches out of the queue. But if you get one, just cancel it, and select “the image set has problems that prevent completion”, and note that a batch is corrupt.


I can’t see any Krakow Part 4 image sets available for download, although the keying challenge for that project should have started by now. There are just a few review sets left for Part 3.

I noticed it last night – you should be seeing them now. If not please send me an email.