World Archives Project now in public beta

The World Archives Project has now moved from an invited beta phase where only invited members were able to participate, to a public beta stage where anyone can participate.  You can read about it on the main Blog here.


If you have friends or family members that you think would be interested in participating to help preserve the world’s records, please share the opportunity with them.  The URL for the main World Archives Project page on is and we invite you to share it with anyone interested.


We also wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know about some improvements and additions we’ve made in recent weeks based on your feedback during the invited beta phase:

·       Added the ability to drag image highlights to move them so that they can more accurately highlight what you are keying.

·       Created an enhanced list of suggested entries.  When you are keying and suggestions come up, just click the “more” option or press F12 and you will see additional suggested entries as well as helpful information about using wildcards.  (Wildcards can also be used in the main Enter Data screen without bringing up the enhanced list of suggested entries.)

·       Added personalized options to the tool.  Just select “File” and then “Options” and you can select the font size when entering data, choose whether the tool auto-completes what you enter based on suggested entries, pick your own custom image highlight color and more.

·       Addition of a News section in the keying tool showing posts we make to this blog, as well as a section showing your own keying stats.

·       Created a Dashboard page on the site that includes information on the status of your work, available projects, community leaders and more.

·       Included a World Archives Project message board section on various pages.  You can access the message board directly here.  This is a place where you can pose questions and suggestions to help each other within the community.  We may also occasionally post replies to questions there, but our main posts will be here in the World Archives Project News blog.


Thank you again for your valuable feedback during this beta phase of the World Archives Project.  And thanks for helping preserve the world’s records!


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Reader Comments


On the California naturalization cards, is it possible to add an option to relate a card to the previous card? A lot of the images I come across seem to be the reverse side of a previous card, showing the applicant’s “original” name. It seems like the way things are set up now, these are getting filed as separate entries.

I agree with DeeDee. It seems a shame that the cards/info could be separated. Name changes are important stuff!

About the Andrews Collection: in some of the entries, there are multiple dates mentioned. Which one are we supposed to use?

Also- I like being able to see my stats. Could we also see the high stats for the day or month like we can when we go online to the dashboard?

I agree with DeeDee and Alyson. Also it would be nice if we could go back to the previous entry to make corrections. I had a card that I thought said DYER, but the E and the R had been typed over, so it was pretty much a guess. The next card was a name change card for the same individual, and the name was clearly DYKE, but I couldn’t go back to change it (or at least I couldn’t figure out how to !)

Will there be any UK or any other Non-USA data to key in ?

when I try to download image sets the screen appears but their are no sets to pick from?

In the California naturalization cards, there is a way to go back to the previous record. In the upper lefthand corner, you can see what record you are on, i.e., 1 of 5. By hitting the previous left arrow, that should work. That’s what I did.