What do Poor Law Unions and Quaker College Registers have in common?

Our two new projects don’t have a lot in common other than they are both considered “Average” difficulty and we have completed projects similar to each in the past, and they are both now available to index!

The London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 project is exactly the same as the London, England, Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records except for a few instructions regarding the keying on months and the only Poor Law Union we expect to see is Bethnal Green.  I am still fascinated by the laws surrounding removal and settlements and vagrant passes, we have similar laws today in the US surrounding the welfare system.  This is a relatively small project with only a few thousand image sets. 

If you have questions about this project please post them on the Discussion page or this message board thread.

And the U.S., Quaker Colleges Alumni Directories and Yearbooks, 1911-1937 is similar to the U.S., Guilford College Alumni Directory and Yearbooks, 1911-1937 project.  Because it is a yearbook the records are typewritten so it is easier to read and it is definitely fun looking through the pictures!

If you have questions about this project please post them on the Discussion page or this message board thread.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Hi Anna, when will the first project we keyed be available – the London Poor Law Records?

They will be coming soon.

Hi Anna,
Soon? Can’t wait. Is that ‘soon’ as in 2013?

Is there any way to key without having internet? Such as downloading sets onto my computer. I’m away in the mountains on weekends where there is no internet but have the most free time to key. I would like to download set before going up there and then key from the saved sets. Thanking you, Trish

Yes, you can download image sets (up to 20) and then key them offline. As you complete them there will be a pop-up letting you know there isn’t internet and the image set can’t be submitted – which of course you would already know. 🙂
When you are connected again and ready to submit them you can highlight them all and click on the “Submit Finished Image Set” button.