And the new project is… Minnesota, State School and Hospital Records

The Minnesota, State School and Hospital Records are records from various Minnesota State Hospitals.  Most of the records you encounter will have one individual per page and many will include rich details from the lives of the individuals. It is easy to get caught up in reading over the records.

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Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

As a physician, these records are fascinating. A glimpse into the past language and treatment of illness.

I am finding this a very interesting site as my husbands grandfather was a dr & his grandmother a nurse @ Mound Park Sanitarium in early 1900’s. It is also interesting to see how many people were actually admitted back then & maybe need not have been & how many maybe should be & are not today.

The link to the wiki page appears to be broken. Can it be fixed to see examples?

I originally started doing this project because my family is from Minnesota. However, this is a hard one for me emotionally because many persons in this project were committed because they were Epileptic and I myself am an Epileptic. It is also rewarding knowing that persons like myself will not be forgetten.

I am loving working on these image sets. Some of the comments on the patient records are great.
“Was at school for feebleminded”. Where is this school? I need the address. I know a few people who need to enroll.
“Patient is quite stupid but gets along well with others and has clothes all day”. Thank God for that.
All kidding aside we should all be thankful people don’t get tossed in these places anymore to be forgotten and left to die.

I am curious why these records still survived? Most medical records were destroyed within 10-20 years after they were written. Are there other hospital records from other states out there? I am a nurse so this is so fascinating to me!

Easiest set I have ever transcribed. And without a doubt, also the most interesting.

That is amazing to hear!!