It’s Friday and time for a new project!

Yes, typically new projects come on Wednesday but we were waiting on some translations and I didn’t want to wait until next week so here it is – USHMM – Poland, Lòdz Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (Part 1).   This project is close to being the easiest USHMM project we have released and it is just as the title says – the register books give information about the people who lived in the  Lòdz Ghetto.  You will  typically encounter preprinted forms making finding the information we are indexing pretty straight forward.  Most of the records will be in German so you will become familiar with terms like Vorname – given name, Beruf – profession, Geburtsdatum – date of birth, Alter – age, …

If you have questions about this project please post them on the Discussion page or on this message board thread.

Happy keying!


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Reader Comments

I would have loved to have the present Lodz records finished before starting a new Lodz project. There are less than 800 images left to review.

I wouldn’t exactly say it was close to being the easiest USHMM project since we have to decipher handwriting which isn’t always very clear, whereas some projects are mostly or all typed or typeset records. But it is certainly easier than many of the other USHMM projects and worth having a go at if you know some German.

I agree with the Kate’s statement that the keying is occasionally not so easy, because there are illegible pages. Also pages for one address are taken apart so the adderess is not visible on the second page – only looking it up on the Lodz Names page of JewishGen can provide you with the address then. The instructions show the toal lack of German competence when “Hohensteiner” is turned into something like “Hohensteiuer” …