Tool Update – Version is now live

We have recently launched the newest version of the tool.

As Melissa mentioned in her post yesterday we have a new install program.  When you open the tool again you will notice that a pop-up that lets you know that we need to uninstall the old program and that the new version of the tool will automatically update – you will need to click okay and follow the remaining instructions.  Following this process will ensure that the image sets you have currently downloaded will reappear when the new tool downloads.  One of the pop-ups you will see will ask you if you want to keep your old image sets, you will need to click okay in order for the image sets you have been working on to be saved.  Unfortunately, if you do encounter difficulties and need to manually download the tool again the image sets you were working on will not be saved.

Along with this update there are a few other notable updates I want to make you aware of:

We are very excited that 64 bit system users are now able to use the keying tool!  And the missing data bug has been fixed.

We have also worked on some errors that were occurring for Windows Vista users, errors with the Highlight function as well as a few other general items with the tool.

It is due to feedback from contributors that we have been able to ensure we are making the proper updates and fixes – Thank you!  If you have feedback regarding the keying tool please use the “Provide Feedback” link in the upper right hand corner of the tool.

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Reader Comments

Since the bug has been repaired, do we go back to keying “blank” in the fields where there is no data?

Personally I Tab through the fields and don’t mark them blank unless they are required fields where there is no information on the image to enter – this saves me a lot of time. If you would like to mark the fields blank yes, the bug has been fixed and it will no longer affect any other information you have entered.

I am repeating what I have already written after I downloaded and installed the new program. I noted that after installation I had lost the image set that I was working on and also all the image sets I had downloaded. I also noted that my stats were not updated after I had completed about 10 image sets after installation. However, those stats have now been updated. I am still wondering if we arbiters get any sort of accuracy rating. I am not a supporter of accuracy rating, but my rating has not changed since I began arbitrating exclusively. Just curious.

In NE Naturalizationproject ALL are required fields. So this means that we should enter ctlB when there is no data?

I have vista x64 and I get the install to work, but it doesn’t load the new program. Everytime I hit the keying tool icon it wants to remove the program (which it does) but it doesn’t load the new one.

Any suggestions.

Remove the tool manually, Shut down the computer.

Download the tool fresh (See link in the blog)

Attempt to install it.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to contact support.

I was apprehensive as usual about any changes but the process worked perfectly. I didn’t have any downloaded sets waiting to be keyed so I just downloaded new sets and away I went keying. Good job!!

I have windows vista x64 and yes the program does work i have been busy typing files all day thank you so much for fixing it.

Dean, the bug with statistics not updating has been noted and is being worked on – we hope to have it resolved soon.

Emery, only the pink/red highlighted fields are “required” – this means that the image set won’t move on unless each of these fields has been reviewed. Any of the fields that are not highlighted should still be entered if there is information on the image. For the New England Naturalisation Indexes only the Surname and Given names are “required”.

I also ran into this issue but was able to resolve it by manually removed and downloading the program fresh. Please email support, if you still encounter difficulties.

The auto-complete function seems to have stopped working properly after my download – it needs manually re-setting for each new page – very annoying.

I have suspected for some time that I am arbitrating the same image sets a couple of times. I do not know why this happens but today I concentrated on certain things and I am now positive that some of these image sets are being circulated back to us again. I have not taken down the numbers but the numbers could be different anyway, but the image pages are identical. I have a feeling that WAP ended up with duplicate sets of image records from whatever the source and have not noticed that there are duplicates.

We have launched a new version of the tool that fixes the statistics bug, arbitration count and a few additional minor bugs. We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve these issues.

I miss the auto complete function. How can I turn it back on?

The upgrage worked fine, it uninstalled and reinstalled and opened up to the sets I still had to work on.

But….. Everytime I reopen the tool the uninstall and reinstall runs again, so far three times.

Any thoughts

Hey! What happened to my stats??? They’re gone after the update. I even closed the program and re-opened it but no stats!! And I’d love to know how many of my records had to be arbitrated too.
Bring back the stats!!

Installation went smoothly. Everything is working fine, including the auto-complete function. I just wized through some NYC Naturalization Records before bedtime. Glad the “Blank” Bug is fixed!

downloaded new tool no apparent problems. However, the ability to ‘see examples’ does not fully work it brings up the web page but does not display the content. This is apparent in all fields. I have only checked it when arbitrating.

System = P4, 1Gb mem, XP Pro +SP3, IE7,AV = McAfee virus scan enterprise 8.0.

Missed the fact that it all worked fine before the update.

All working fine here, no issues. My stats are there and all record sets that I had downloaded are still there and working. Thanks for the update!

Installed tool yesterday. Everything worked great. this Morning the tool installed again is that going to keep happening

Is it possible to have the keying tool on 2 computers for one account? I have it working here on the desktop, but once my laptop is fixed, I would like it on my laptop as well. Or would it be better to uninstall off of one, then install on the other when I use it?

By the way, everything installed fine on the desktop, my downloaded sets were still there, been zipping right along with no problems! Thanks ~

The new tool installed OK yesterday, but today there is an automatic upgrade installation, which keeps failing and I cannot open the tool.What’s going on?

Thanks so much. Now I can use my new laptop to work on this project.

Since months are required to be typed-in-full why not make the automatic fill-in default be just that after typing the first letter or at most first three letters? This would require only the return key. No more having to type a letter to select!

Tried again this morning and the update installed quickly and perfectly… PC must have been tired yesterday! Anyway, I’m up and running again,although I see the stats have still not updated.

The new install was OK, but with the usual problem of Shortcut Icons appearing in all accounts (I run XP Pro). So I ahve to clear them out of my business account, my wife’s account etc.
One more serious problem – I cannot go straight from the on screen links to the dashboard UNLESS I’ve already connected to the Internet. I never had to do this before. If I forget my firewall doesn’t like it and shuts down!

Last night (1/23) the update attempted to uninstall and re-install but got in an endless loop and appeared not to get past the uninstall pop-up and back to start up choice. I gave up and closed my system down. This morning when the un-install and re-install ran smoothly and things are good.
Only issue seems to be the missing default selection for month after typing the first letter of the month.

For your information today I opened my project program and all the image sets I had downloaded last night were gone, kaput, vanished. So we still have a bug or something in the program. The numbers of the image sets that vanished were in the range of 591426-16 through -31. I will let you know if they show up later. In the meantime I have download more sets so there is no problem.

Just so you know. When it asked me to UNinstall, it NEVER gave anything to INstall the new tool. I checked Add/Remove and All Programs, and no new tool. This was yesterday or day before.

I just got done re-downloading the tool. And, I see it took away all 5 image sets I had downloaded days before the UNinstall was required.


I still wish on short surnames such as Kling that the auto-fill would not add to it and make it Klingingsmith. Kale…changes to Kalestrom or whatever. It should STOP where the typist stops, unless the typist choses the name specifically. If I’m intending to type Kline, and prefer to type it manually, I should not then have to click Kline in the menu just to make sure the tool doesn’t change it to Klingingsmith. It changes AFTER you’ve tabbed out & to the next box.


Maybe it’s just me, but the program seems to run slower after the update

I updated to version (not 124) on my Vista Business computer. After closing the program, rebooting after installing some Microsoft updates I find that about 19 of the image sets I had downloaded have disappeared and I am left with one!!!
Not impressed.

Following on from my last post I have just realised that the image set I am left with, (591415_19), has an expiration date of 31 January, and all the sets I have lost have dates of 2 Feb or 4 Feb. I am guessing that this set is probably the only one I had not arbitrated before the upgrade to version 125. It is therefore, probably, a set I arbitrated a couple of days ago.

Also, why do I get this stupid message about not having Javascript or cookies enabled when trying to post this message when I was able to post the last message about eight minutes ago???? This is not the first time this has happened. I am currently using Opera.

I have now logged on 3 times since the upgrade and lost image sets on each occasion. I shall be playing it safe and downloading one at a time until this is fixed.

That will teach me to use a dongle and ‘pay as you go’ rather than run a contract for broadband! Any chance of a refund?

I don’t know if this makes a difference, but once “logged in”, I don’t “log out”. When I’m done keying, I just click the “x” in the upper corner and close the application. I’ve not had any problems with losing sets, or installing/uninstalling anything; my populated lists are all there – just a suggestion you might try. We need to remember that this is a “feel in the dark” project, so occasionally we will bump our shins on something. We just need to step around it and move forward.

I have been keying IL Nat Index, and when I finished the last two sets, I get a message that my work cannot be uploaded, try again when I’m connected to the Internet.

Uh, I am. It is saving them under the heading Complete Data Entry Image Sets Ready to Submit. Has anyone else had this problem?

I would like to download the program to my laptop so that when away from home, I can enter data. I will be out of town in March for a few weeks and would like to continue

Is this possible to download program to a 2nd computer? My laptop has Vista, my “box” has XP.

I can’t seem to get logged on since the new upgrade due to some fatal error in trying to get in to do my keying. What seems to be the problem?

I was able to do some cards. But what I want to know is what is the fatal error that I got when I went through the upgrade?