Challenge Wrap-up

First, congratulations to Peggy S, from Washington for keying the most records over the weekend (8000+) and Ann C, from Texas for completing the most review image sets (500+).  Since Ann has already won a challenge, the runner up is Pat R from Florida.

Over the past few weeks we have focused on twelve different projects.  What impact has this had on the Project overall?  Comparing with the same time frame from 2011 we completed far fewer image sets yet we keyed 425,000 more records than last year!  Our arbitration and review numbers were comparable – again completing fewer image sets but 125,000 more records. ( As we become more familiar with the keying tool and indexing records we are becoming a little more efficient.)  I like challenges as they give us an opportunity to focus on a few specific projects – although I do have my favorite projects – as it gives them a boost and increases awareness of the different projects that are available.

As I never get tired of saying – I think you are all amazing!


Challenge Winners:

  • U.S., 1928 Baker Roll and Records: Keyer- Kim B, Virginia and Reviewer – Ann S, Pennsylvania
  • Texas Convict Records:  Keyer – Anna T, New York  and Reviewer – Karen W, Oklahoma
  • Pavia Marriage Records: Reviewer – Paul D, Oregon
  • New South Wales, Australia, Government Gazettes, 1853-1899: Keyer – Carlene S, Kansas and Reviewer – Kerrie Z, New South Wales
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom, Crew Lists 1860-1919: Keyer – Katrina K, North Carolina and Reviewer – Erica V, Essex
  • Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978: Keyer – Linda W, Wisconsin and Reviewer – Ann C, Texas
  • Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records and Deleware Land Records Keyer: Sam L, Pennsylvania Reviewer: Connie R, California Arbitrator: Wendy D, Ontario
  • Dorset, England, Quarter Session Order Books, 1625-1951: Keyer – Kate R, UK and Reviewer – Barbara W, Arkansas
  • California Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1950 & Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Tax Lists, 1819-1869: Keyer, Kathie G, Manitoba,  Reviewer – Robert B, Texas and Reviewer – Kim B, Indiana
  • American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848:  Keyer – Michael T, Alabama and Reviewer – Jane F, Texas

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I think I am the Peggy from Washington. what is the prize?

I sure wish I would receive my prize for the Dorset QS record books. I have requested 3 times to receive the DNA test.

Type your comment here.Do you get to pick the prize you want to receieve.

Yes, you can choose between a DNA test, FTM software or 3 month World subscription.