New Project – U.S., Guilford College Alumni Directory and Yearbooks, 1911-1937

Today we released the U.S., Guilford College Alumni Directory and Yearbooks, 1911-1937 for keying.  This is a collection of yearbooks and alumni directories from Guilford College, a Quaker founded college located in Greensboro, North Carolina.  There is only one image in an image set so some of the image sets will go very quickly as there may only be one or two names on the image however this is balanced out by many of the image sets having hundreds of names that will take closer to a half hour to complete.

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Reader Comments

Thanks so much for these Anna!!! What a nice surprise. This college is about 2-3 miles from my house & abt 1 mile from where I work. Was looking at the photos on many of these & then pulling them up on google maps to see what has changed. Would be neat to take these old photos & then take new ones of the same areas/buildings there.

I’ve only been transcribing for a year, but I sure wish you would keep a steady flow of new and fun projects in. I don’t spend days at a time on the computer and these projects go so fast a lot of us never get the chance to see them. Over this last year I’ve seen these same projects every single time I open up the keying software. I even did a few thousand of the Kansas census in hopes it would help clear that off my screen. People get bored. We are volunteering our time. Please keep it worthwhile.

@heather, We have about one new project per week. Traditionally released on Wednesday.

Many are small and get snapped up quickly, but some stay around for a month or so.