Challenge Update

Yesterday brought the end of the alphabet.  We completed 418 image sets for the U.S., 1928 Baker Roll and Records.

Keyer: Kim B, Virginia

Reviewer: Ann S, Pennsylvania

The last challenge is a four day pick-your-project marathon!  With it being a holiday weekend, November 22-November 25, in the U.S. this may give the advantage to those in other countries.  I think a good goal would be to complete 15,000 image sets, just a few more than we did last year at this time.


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Reader Comments

Anna: Have not seen the results of the NSW challenge. I would love to know who “beat me out, kind of….”.

Thanks. PK

Hi PK,

Back on the 11th Anna posted this –

Keyer: Carlene S, Kansas
Reviewer: Kerrie Z, New South Wales
In total we keyed and reviewed 11,725 records – more than double our typical rate!

Were you keying?? If not, sorry.

Hi Kerrie: Yes, I was keying, and got a message from Anna that I had been “runner up”, as I keyed the same number of sets as the winner, but there were less records in my pages. Thanks for the info.


Kerrie: Also a big congrats on

And Carlene S, too!