It’s Wednesday and time for a “new” project.

This week we are releasing another oldie but a goodie – USHMM – Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 3).  Although the project may seem a little more difficult – since it is mainly in German – I have found that the questionnaires aren’t as difficult since they are all formatted the same.  And as with any project, the more you key it the better you will become.

On the topic of new projects I was to revisit the Contributor Testing program we introduced in the October newsletter. We’ve had a great response – so many that we are increasing the number of contributors testing to up to 20 each month.  The first 20 contributors will receive emails today.

Here are a few reasons we like this idea.

–        With more individuals testing the project there is more opportunity to encounter any anomalies in the records.

–        Having different people look at the projects provides that many more opinions/interpretations of the instructions.

–        Contributors testing the project will have an overall better understanding of the project.


Here is a breakdown of how the testing will work.

–        Each month up to 10 contributors will have the opportunity to test new projects and provide feedback.

–        Each contributor can participate one month/year.

–        Contributors interested in testing new projects should send an email to with Testing in the subject line.  This will be a first come, first to participate basis.

–        Additional information will be provided to contributors participating in testing.


Happy keying, reviewing … and testing!

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Reader Comments

This is the first I’ve heard of an October newsletter! I did wonder why people were talking about this contributor testing thing and where they had heard about it! It’s that same old problem with the newsletter not arriving.

Sending email now…

Same here. I don’t get a newsletter.

After months of asking, I finally got a newsletter in August, but have not seen an October issue.

Maybe WAP could place a permanent link to the newsletter on the dashboard???

I don’t receive one either. When I contacted a few months ago about this problem, they said it was a problem with my internet service provider, and my internet service provider said it was a problem with