New projects to key!

Today we released two new projects – Boston, Missing Irish Immigrants, 1831-1920 and Schedules of Special Census of Indians, 1880.  Both are relatively small projects so you will need to act quick to get a few image sets.

The Boston, Missing Irish Immigrants, 1831-1920 project is a book with the ads people placed looking for their relatives, and friends who had immigrated to the Boston area from Ireland.  It is easy to key and an interesting read.  I had a hard time imagining, in our day of instant communication, having to place an ad to find your husband and the uncertainty of finding them.

And I love the Native American collections so the Schedules of Special Census of Indians, 1880 is exciting for me.  Seeing the Indian name and the translated name is fun, although sometimes difficult to decipher since they are given phonetically.

If you have questions about the new projects please post them to the Discussion page on the wiki articles, or on the New Project message board.

Happy keying!

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Boston, Irish Immigrants:
If we cannot pull information from a previous page, then do we mark the date ‘blank’ even though we know the date appears on the previous page?

Similar question: Since we need to start a new section for each new date: So if the first few on the page have no date (because date appeared only on the previous page), would the first section be for the ‘blank’ dated items, then create new section for the dated portion? Seems silly, but I don’t want to ‘assume’ or break too many rules.