Challenge Update

Three challenges down, many more to come!

Challenge 3, Dorset QS Books, ended yesterday. We ended up completing 4995 records which is a 1000% increase over the same days in prior weeks.

Keyer: Kate R, UK

Reviewer: Barbara W, Arkansas

During Challenge 2, California Railroad Employment Records, we completed 77,840 records which is double the records that are typically completed in two days.

Keyer: Kathie G, Manitoba

Reviewer: Robert B, Texas

And for the Cuyahoga County, Tax Lists we completed 7454 records – which put a dent in the, now 5200, image sets that are awaiting review.

Reviewer: Kim B, Indiana

For Challenge 4 we do have a change of projects – there are now only arbitration and review image sets remaining for Eure-et-Loir.  So we are going to go back slightly in the alphabet and add in the Delaware Land Records project.  There will be a challenge for who completes the most arbitration/review image sets for USHMM – Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records and two challenges for who will complete the most keying and the most review image sets for Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947.

I sometimes get questions about quantity versus quality – I have no doubt that the contributors who participate in the challenges are taking care to complete the records both quickly and accurately.  One of the biggest reasons I like the challenges is that they bring attention to some of the projects that are not worked on as often as others.  And the challenges are of course a fun way to interact with each other and win prizes.


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