Hmmm, I really like keying convict records…

Our new project today is the Texas, Convict Ledgers and Conduct Registries, 1849-1970 and it has me wondering what draws me to convict records.  It all started when we indexed the Middlesex, England, Convict Transportation Contracts, 1682-1787  records.  Does anyone else share this slightly unsettling connection to convict records?

This is a pretty straight forward project – the forms are consistent and the handwriting is interesting but not overly challenging.  The main challenge I found was fitting the entire image on my screen, there are two pages, and having it large enough to read.  If you also have this challenge you may want to use Ctrl+arrows (right or left) to move back and forth from one side to the other.

Happy keying!

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Not really about the convict records, but why is there nothing to arbitrate except the foreign language ones?

I like to alternate between keying and arbitration, but there is nothing to arbitrate

there are plenty of English language ones to review.

Try clearing All filters. Maybe your Review side got set to exclude English.

Another possibility is to check on the little symbol next to the language column when you have your downloaded image sets showing on the Review side. You probably have something selected other than All or English.

Hope that helps.

In response to the convict records I enjoy keying them as well. I just started with the Texas ledgers and I find it much fun to key these inmates.

In 1969 or earlier, the convict numbers expanded to 6 digits, but our convict number field only has space for 5 digits. Can the field be expanded? Otherwise, we can have over 200 “errors to be checked” on each item within a set! Waste of keying time. We could drop the first digit, but that will cause conflict with earlier, shorter numbers. What to do? What to do?

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