There’s a new project to key.

Although it is a new project it isn’t new to us.  We released Part 2 of the New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1955 today.  There is only one difference between this project and Part 1 – it is review!  This should make the project as a whole go more smoothly and it will be a marked improvement for reviewers.   These records are typed but due to the number of records on an image, and the sometimes poor quality of the images we have rated this project as average difficulty.

Things to remember:

  1. When part of a name is illegible (some of the images have blurriness or darker areas) please key what you can see and use ?? for the character or characters you can’t read.
  2. Business names should be keyed as a separate record.  We are not keying names, of individuals or businesses from advertisements.
  3. Create a new section for each new town on the image.
  4. Don’t let the number of names scare you away!  It will likely take 45-60 minutes to complete one image set – I tend to key a column, work on something else, key another column or two, work on something else, etc.

Happy keying!


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Reader Comments

Yay!! This was my favorite project to key!! I always looked forward to working on this one!! (: Especially when I could sit by my husband and type while he watched his fishing programs!! ): LOL

It is a while since I did any keying/arbitrating as I had over 900 hints on my tree and it has taken me months to get it back down zero! I enjoy doing these New Zealand lists but have a question ” When you have a Scottish name like McLeod, and it has the capital L do you want it as seen, or the drop down name used that has the small l?