We are Updating our Install Program

In a few days, we will be changing the install program we use for the Ancestry World Archives tool. In addition to handling the initial installation of the tool, the program also handles installation of upgrades and new versions.

As part of our beta process, we discovered that the old install program was not meeting our needs, particularly when it came to serving our contributors who are using 64 bit programs and those who use the tool less than weekly. 

What does this mean for you?  With this new version of the tool you will be automatically transitioned from the old program to the new program the first time you open the tool after this change is made; this will happen within the next couple of days. 

After opening the tool, you will be asked to click “OK” to allow the removal of the old program to take place. You will then be asked to verify that you would like to remove the application from your computer- click “OK” again, and it will automatically finish uninstalling and re-installing the tool. You will only have to go through this process this one time in order to make the necessary change.

We are expecting that all will go well with this process, however, if you do encounter difficulties you will need to remove the tool manually.

To remove the tool, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “start” menu
  • Select “Control Panel”
  • Click on “Add or Remove Programs”
  • Locate the “Ancestry.com World Archives Project Keying Tool Uninstaller” from the list of “Currently Installed Projects”.
  • Look for “Ancestry.com World Archives Project- KeyingTool” In the list of “Currently Installed Programs” and if it is still present, click on it. (It should be automatically uninstalled if the previous step worked correctly).
  • Click the “Remove” button and verify that you want to remove the program by clicking “Yes” when prompted.
  • Click the “Change/Remove” button that will appear. 
  • You will be asked to verify that you want to remove the program, click OK. The program should uninstall.

Once the old program has been removed, you can download and install the tool again by clicking here (go directly to the URL: http://community.ancestry.com/wap/download.aspx?st=t)

If you have uninstalled and reinstalled the tool and you are still experiencing problems, please contact our support team, worldarchivesproject@tgn.com.

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Reader Comments

What happens to image sets we have downloaded but not yet keyed or arbitrated, will they still be available or will we need to download some new ones?

My question ae well and will this also fix the current error with “blank” fields?

There sounds to be a doubt about the autoload / uninstall. Do we need to save this page and the download URL separately? In the worst case scenario we could end up with nothing or a corrupted link and no access to the keying tool.

I have just gone through the process of uninstall and automatic reinstall with no problems at all, even though before this took place I had to leave keying for an hour literally right in the middle of a page.

Yes Yes Yes thank you ancestry it now works on vista x64 great job keep up the good work.

THanks for your comments, everyone. Just to answer your questions:

Viv- your downloaded image sets *should* survive the migration. Let me know if they didn’t.

Judi- Today’s roll will fix the error with the blank fields.

Dave- You shouldn’t need to save anything to prepare for this change. We tried to make it as automated as possible. Worst case scenario would be that you have to follow my instructions to remove and reinstall the tool.

I just had the new program take over and install on my computer. For your information the program did not save the image set I was working on nor did it save the over 10 sets that I had downloaded preparing to arbitrate. So, if you thought they would be saved something is wrong. You may have to find out what
happened to them. I just downloaded more image sets to work on because the other ones are gone.

I just finished arbiting several sets of images and had numerous changes made but when I submitted them there was no change in the number of sets arbitrated I am credited with. Is there a delay in updating the stats for some reason?

My program just updated and I did not have a problem losing image sets. I have both unfinished arbitration and keying sets, and they were fine.

I completed all but one of the image sets I had downloaded, then did the upgrade. The one unfinished set is no longer available to me and I saw a message saying that about 5 or 6 sets I had downloaded had been removed from me because they were out of time. All the sets I have completed have been done well within time. I did not take a note of the numbers of the withdrawn sets but they may have been the ones I completed today.

We just rolled a new version that
should address the problem some people have had with their downloaded projects not being saved when they migrate.

It should also should fix issues with the record counts and stats.

It was all good for me and all my sets were still available to me! Thanks Ancestry!

I had absolutely no problems. Thanks for addressing the “blank” issue! Should make arbitrating go MUCH faster! (and help keyers with their accuracy rating!)

The install/uninstall process was a snap. I had a partially-keyed image from the other day and it was no problem at all.

I still have a problem with the highlight “drifting,” but I think that will always be a problem because the distance from one line to the next is not always uniform.