Woohoo! We now have a Mac version of the keying tool!

For the past few months we have been working on the newest tool for the World Archives Project and we are excited to announe that the Mac version of the keying tool is now live.  This opens the door to another community of contributors who can  help us bring more free historical record collections to the public.


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Reader Comments

Very happy to hear the Mac news, but would have been happier three months ago so I could have held off getting Windows 7 and also Parallels for my Mac, just so I could continue keying Ancestry…
Did I miss the news?

@phyllis. You didn’t miss the news. There were only a handful of people who were beta testing. The non public beta was really not ready for full community release at that time.

I just updated some ks census and this person was not very good at writing names. I never felt so lost and not helpful to the program on these last couple of entries. I hated to use the ? field .

Paul: That makes me feel better. I will be downloading the Mac tool, as it will be fun to be on one screen for the major items in my “portfolio”… And should there be any glitches, I can fall back to Windows…. So, it’s all good in the end…


Am using Mac tool, and have encountered a little “glitch”….
When I am on a two – page image, and have completed page 1, and gone to page 2, if I need to adjust the Image Options for dark/light, the screen automatically goes back to page 1, even though the info at the top, left bar, says “2 of 2”.
If I click on “undo or cancel”, image returns to page 2.
I am unable to adjust the brightness because of this glitch. Any help? Thanks.
Phyllis (also not sure where to post this type comment, so here I am)

Another glitch, same area.

This time, I sent an image set to Ancestry, and opened the next one on my list. When I tried to adjust the dark/light, it took me to the FIRST IMAGE page that had already sent on.

HELP! Phyllis

@phyllis. Please report bugs directly to afechter@ancestry.com

It seems like you can only get away with adjusting contrast on one image per session. After that, it loads the first image you played with.

Workaround is to use the image viewer.

For what it’s worth, i encountered this bug in early beta test and reported it. Disappointed to see it still present.

There are a lot of glitches in Arbitration too.

@phillys (6)

both of your above issues are the same. the only workaround is to either use the image viewer, or quit the tool an reopen it.

It’s about time!

Why is my accuracy rating showing up as “Unknown”?

@fran, this typically means there is no basis for an accuracy rating as none of your records have been reviewed.

Thank you for the explanation, Paul. I have made up my mind to keep plugging away in the Delaware Land Records…..and I certainly want to get some sort of credit for reading through all the “legal-speak” to locate pertinent info.!

Perhaps the link to the Mac version could be more easily accessible on the website. I had to download and install the Windows version to find it…

@Fran (12),

There is a DEEP backlog on Delaware, more than 20,000 sets. It could be a while before you get an accuracy rating but rest assures that tour records will still count toward the membership discount and will of course be reviewed eventually.

@ Fran–I am glad to know there is someone else working on Delaware Land Records! I have absolutely no ancestors in Delaware but enjoy this project.

This is fantastic. I’m so happy that Ancestry finally made a Mac tool. This brings Ancestry up-to-date with supporting one of the best platforms in existence.

Thank you so much! I can ditch my virtual machines, and use my Mac at normal capacity.

Now, I just need to get my numbers up so that I can apply to be an arbitrator 🙂