Three new projects

Since we didn’t have any new projects last week we have three new projects for you today.

The Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857 and Scots in the USA and Canada, 1825-1875 are similar projects in that they are compilations of records taken from a variety of sources including newspapers, family papers, public records and local histories.  They are typewritten summaries about individuals and because of the variety of sources there is different information available in each of the summaries.  Due to the wide scope of information possible there are  a lot of fields so we can capture as much data as possible – reviewing the available fields before you begin keying will be helpful in capturing the data from each record.

And the U.S., 1928 Baker Roll and Records, Eastern Cherokee Enrolling Commission, 1924-1929 is our third project.  It contains the 1928 Baker Roll, as well as the applications for enrollment and correspondence of the Eastern Cherokee Enrolling Commission.  There are four form types for each of the major record types in the collection.  The records are both typed and handwritten and are an interesting read.

I will be checking the Discussion pages and the New Project Q & A message board  regularly, not that I don’t normally, for the next few days so please post your questions in one of these places so we can assist you.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Great news, but where are the Scots records?

@kate. Itty bitty projects. All sets were already checked out. You’ll be able to catch the review tho.

How can I key this project?

@trish, it’s mostly too late for the Scots projects, though some may appear in ones and twos over the next week or so. but there are plenty of Baker roll image left.

This presumes of course that you’ve already joined the world archives project… if not, start here:

How do I read the project if its in another lanquage. I only read English?