Two new Projects…

This morning we released two new projects, American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848 and Texas, Memorials and Petitions, 1836-1937.

The American Volunteer Soldiers project is reminiscent of the Spanish American War records.  We are keying a different variety of record types so it is important to read over the form descriptions. 

And the Texas Memorials and Petitions is a project where we are only keying information from the folders holding all of the documents – where the documents were kept in a box the title and information is on a “sticky note” on the first document.  Reviewing the sample images for the records we are keying will be beneficial in understanding the records we are keying.  Since we are only keying the information on the folder you will be marking many images as Cover pages. 

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Are the Navy Shore Installments going to be released for keying soon?

I cannot and have not been able to see the “new projects” that are talked about in the blog. I’m am very interested in keyings some of them but I can’t access them. Is there a problem with my computer or am I just late?

There was an issue with some of the programs that we weren’t aware of until now. The projects have been released and are now available in the keying tool.