What a great journey!

Over the past few weeks we have indexed records from all over the world – thank you to all who participated in the challenge! 

Sunday was Pick Your Project day and I was blown out of the water by the response we had.  Congratulations to Peggy S, Anne W and Ann C who combined keyed, arbitrated and reviewed more than 31,000 records – about a quarter of the total records contributed! 

With such a wonderful community of contributors it is no wonder that you can accomplish great things!  Thank you for all that you contribute – whether 1 record or 100 you are making a difference.

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Reader Comments

So sorry to not have included this the first time around…

Congratulations to Gina B and Jane F for their contributions to the California Railroad Employment Records!!

Am I the Peggy S that won the contest on Sunday, 7/22?

If so I would like the 3 month subscription to Ancestry.com World