And now we’re in France!

Bonjour!  Today we are in France so I hope everyone has some crepes and Nutella to celebrate.  (Croissants and Nutella is also delicious!)

The one thing I enjoy the most about Cartes électorales de Paris et ses environs et d’autres villes françaises, 1900-1932 (France Electoral Cards), or Paris, Vicinity and other French Cities, Electoral Cards, 1900-1932, is also what I find most difficult – the handwriting.  The records are on pre-printed cards so finding the information to key is easy.  Try your hand at a few of these image sets and you may find you like them!  (So far there a handful of contributors have completed over 100 image sets.)

Complimenti to our winners from Day 3 – Anna T and Barbara W.  They completed 85 of the 196 image sets contributed.  Thank you!


I also want to touch on a few questions I have received about the challenges, keying quickly versus quality, etc.  There are two main reasons I like challenges,

  1. They bring attention to some of the projects that are not the most popular projects to key.  So, contributors who might not have thought about keying these projects will try the project and hopefully continue to key the project.  And, the added bonus is a temporary increase in production.
  2. It is fun and it’s an opportunity for us to give back and say Thank you.

Of  course I hope that everyone who participates will take the same care as they typically would to key and review the records.  Knowing our community I am sure this isn’t an issue.

So THANK YOU to all who contribute – whether it’s 1 image set or 100 you make a difference!

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Nutella is an Italian product marketed by Ferrero, beginning in the 1960’s.

Hey marji,
We all love you because you are a stickler for details. I thought Nutella was Belgian! But there is a plant in Rouen, France which produces Nutella (see Ferrero France). No matter where it’s manufactured or distributed, it is still delicious. Now get back to keying!