Day 2 – Travelling through the Lodz Ghetto

Admittedly, these records are not the easiest to key so congratulations to Elisabeth P for submitting 14 keying image sets!  Our arbitration winner is Karen T.  Thank you to all who tried their hands at these records!

Tomorrow is Day 3 and we’re heading to Italy, with the Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Morte, 1866-1937 (Registers of Deaths) records.  Although these are in Italian most of the records are in the same form layout so the information to key is easy to be found.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

And I thought I was keying in a ton of names in the Lodz Getto Project!! How badly did I do compare to the winner?????

Whew! I just finished one image set of 3 pages miscellaneous index of 337 names! Took me a whole week, so I’m sorry I couldn’t contribute to the challenge. The other record forms of the Lodz Ghetto were too difficult for me to decifer and seemed of a greater challenge than “average”.