New Project! Citizenship Case Files of the U.S. Court in Indian Territory

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who responded as willing to participate in this project!  We have an overwhelming response and the project is now complete.

We have a new project but due to the nature of the project I want to tell you a little about it before we release it for keying.

The Citizenship Case Files of the U.S. Court in Indian Territory consist of an index of case files along with the case files and the supporting documents.  We are only keying the index and the numbers from the case folders – in this way we can connect the name and the case files together.  We have decided not to key the supporting documents due to the variety, and inconsistency between cases – all supporting documents will be marked as Cover page form types.   The files contain as few as 1-2 pages and as many as 380 pages so in order to capture the folder numbers contributors could be going through many image sets marking images as Cover pages.   But then you may also encounter the index and keying hundreds of names.

As you can tell this is a different type of project for us to tackle and as such we are asking who would be interested in working on this project.  If you are interested please send us an email to



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Reader Comments

I’m not seeing the project. 🙁

I would be willing to work on the citizenship files project of June 11th.

Apparently from what is written in the blog, this project will NOT be shown in the keying software. You need to EMAIL them at the address given in the blog if you are interested in participating.

Sounds interesting, but I think I will stick with the 100s of thousands image sets already in need of indexing and reviewing. This project seems a bit more complicated. 🙂

Amending previous comment. This is not in keying software yet.

I know there is/was another project where many of the images are considered cover pages. I can’t remember which one at the moment, I think one of the military projects, but I could be wrong. Seeing as this project is mostly cover pages, as long as the keyers do it correctly, it should go pretty fast.

@Laura – this projects sets are mostly cover pages. There are few folder #’s to key, but many indexes. But you do go through sets and sets of just cover pages. It’s calming to me to do, but some people like stats.


If you are interested you will have to email WAP as it is hidden to the other keyers.

Due to the lack of keying I wasn’t sure how this project would be received. Like Karen I don’t mind marking many, many pages as cover pages and not keying anything – so long as the image sets are large enough. With 10 images in an image set whomever does get the index pages will be keying for a while!

Allen, Mary – I am happy to add you to the group. Send a note to or post your username here.

Happy form classifying!

I would help with this project. It sounds interesting.

I’m in

I would like to help on this project.

I would be interested in helping on this project. It sounds intrigueing! Hope there is still some keying left to do!

I will help and the address in the blog did not work for me.

I am interested in heping with the keying of the ” Case File of the US Courtsin the Indian Territories.”
I am currently a keyer on the genweb world history projects. Native Americian history is of particular intrest to me.

I’d like to help

I like to work on this project.

Sounds interesting, would give it a go.

Would like to try it

I would like to help on the Citizenship Case Files of the U.S. Court in Indian Territory.

I”m suppose to have some Native Americans in my family tree but have been unable to find them. Maybe this will help me locate some of my ancestors!

I did send an e-mail saying that I wanted to help and I have yet to recieve a reply or any information about keying the project. What gives?

I would love to help! I have nothing but time to go slow and accurately enter.

According to the project page its already about 99% done!

So its probly too late to join.

I would like to help with this project please.

I’m interested

I signed up for this project but I haven’t heard anything back! I would love to help.