And our new project is … Texas, Court of Criminal Appeal Indexes, 1892-1947

The Texas, Court of Criminal Appeal Indexes, 1892-1947 is an easy project but be mindful that there are pretty detailed instructions to follow in regard to how the Appellant and Appellee names are being keyed.  The records are handwritten and in many cases the clerk writes their n’s and m’s inverted – so be careful not to confuse an m with a w.  Also, since there are many companies that will be entered multiple times on a page remember that you can key the entire page and click on F7 to accept the one entry and a pop up will appear asking if you want to accept all of the same entries – this saves you from clicking F7 every time you enter, “State of Texas.”


Happy keying!


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The pop-up you mentioned reminded me of a suggention I had made quite awhile ago. In my experience, the pop-up only occurs when there are multiple instances of the word or phrase in the same column, not if the word or phrase appears in the same row. Thus, in projects where we’re keying, in the same record, names of parents as well as the main person, we still have to individually F7 all instances of a name. Couldn’t the keying tool be changed to recognize multiple instances of a questionable word in each row as well as each column?

From what I have seen, the intricate instructions are not necessary for the Texas Appeals project! After bringing up several image sets, I have found nothing but blank pages!

Where did this project disappear to?

I am anxious to start keying. I am grateful you have allowed me to be a part of a very important program.