Here are a few updates that I am very excited about.

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Great news about the London school records. I was wondering though about all the many additional records that were keyed from the year 1912 onwards – will these also be released at a later date?

very happy, maybe this isn’t the place but I can’t find any other feed to use, so here goes, I am not happy with the new format and I am finding it very very difficult to use. Is there a way I can go back to the old format of searching? I really would hate to give up Ancestry but find this very hard for me now. Thank you

Great to hear the London School records are out.Those were a lot of fun to do.
I hope our English contributors have luck with them.

Roseanne; You can use the old search.
Go to Search – Look in the upper right hand corner – Under the ” Days ’til 1940 ” – click Go to Old Search.
Ancestry.com does have a help number

Please, can we get our hands on the handwritten indexes to the Hamburg Passenger Lists to key? I would love to do those! There is so much information in those handwritten indexes relavent to locating our European ancestors. How about it? We need a German project to key that is fairly easy. We can do it!

Thank you so much for the info!

I am very excited about the news of New York records. I have just started the process of looking for my biological mother and I am hoping this will help me find her! Thank you!

I agree Linda. Can we have some German projects. All my ancestry is from Germany and it is frustrating that there is only a small amount compared to other countries.