Easy Ways to Invite a Friend or Family Member!

Recently, a few of us had the opportunity to visit with many of you on the phone and learn how you were enjoying your experiences indexing for the World Archives Project. One question we asked was, “Would you recommend the World Archives Project to any of your friends or family?” Fortunately, we heard a resounding yes!

We wanted to let you know there are several ways you can share your passion for preserving records with others. The first is right inside the keying tool. To the right, directly above your stats, is an envelope icon that says, “Invite someone to help.” Simply click on that and you will find yourself on a page that lets you drop in your contact’s email address and send them an invitation to the project. You can also find the same feature on the community tab on Ancestry – once again, directly above your stats. Or you can simply click here to issue an invitation.

We are excited to see this wonderful initiative continue to flourish, and want to thank you for all you’ve done to index these collections.

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Reader Comments

I would love to recommand it but like my self my family bought windows vista x64 also and this still don’t support it I am waiting with hopes it will soon be fixed. When it is I will tell everyone Thanks

I also have Vista 64-bit on my laptop. I didn’t realise that the keying tool didn’t work on this OS. I was intending to do keying sitting in hotel rooms at night when I’m on the road for about 3 weeks in late March… So I’d also REALLY appreciate a 64-bit version of the keying tool.

As for OSes how about a keying tool for Linux!

Like Dawn and Rhonda, I recently upgraded to a laptop with a Vista 64-bit operating system. I didn’t realize that the keying tool wouldn’t work with this OS, so can no longer transcribe records. I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms!!! Hopefully the techies can get this problem fixed soon. Happy New Year everyone.

We are aware of the difficulties with 64 bit systems and will have these issues ironed out early next year. We appreciate your patience while you wait for this fix.

On a slightly different note, will there be more records soon that are not US? As an Australian, with predominately British ancestory, they are the records that I relly want to see!

And I have already recommended joining the keying!

What’s the status on getting a Mac version released?

I am really missing keying as well. I can still do some if I go to one of our older computers, but I was enjoying keying in the evening on my new laptop. I’ll keep checking back…

Posted on:
January 2, 2009 at 6:24 am
On a slightly different note, will there be more records soon that are not US? As an Australian, with predominately British ancestory, they are the records that I relly want to see!

Try the Andrews cards.


Can I invite someone to key in even though they don’t have an Ancestry account? My mother is retired and looking for something to fill her days. She is an excellent typist with a mind for details.

Contributors to the World Archives Project do not need to have a subscription to Ancestry.com but they do need to have a registered guest account. This account is needed in order to sign in to the keying tool.

Does a person have to be a subscriber to Ancestry.Com to enter data on the World Archives Project?
I am already a member and entering data. Can my friend who is not a member of Ancestry.com enter data too?