Here’s a look at what’s happened so far this month…

February has been a busy month and we still have a week left!

I’ll start with the news that I think is the most exciting.  This month we have released 4 projects live on Ancestry! 

Washington D.C., Ex-Slave Pension Correspondence and Case Files, 1892-1922

Perthshire, Scotland, Cess, Stent and Valuation Rolls, 1650-1899

USHMM: Soviet Union, Records from Soviet Commission to Investigate Nazi Crimes, 1940-1945 

USHMM: Poland, Selected Records of Jews in the Radom District, 1939-1945 

Your efforts have resulted in 1,350,000+ more names available to be searched.  I know there are many researchers who have found family members in these, and other World Archives Project collections – for all of them I say THANK YOU!  Watch for more collections coming later this month.

We released two projects, Census of the Cumberland Settlements, 1770-1790 and North Carolina, State Census, 1784-1787,  that were keyed in just a few days. 

And, we completed our Journey Around the World Challenge on the 13th.  Thank you to everyone who participated in indexing one, or all, of the ten projects we worked on!  Here is a recap of the Challenge winners:

New York Naturalization Originals  & Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947 – Stan from North Carolina & Jane from Texas

Kansas, City and County Census – Kim from Virginia & Paul from Oregon

Liverpool Crew Lists – Michael from Hampshire & John from Liverpool

London, England, Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records  – Colleen from Australia & Adrian from the UK

USHMM – Czech Republic, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941 – Nick from Florida

USHMM – Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records – Carol from Virginia & Karen from the UK

Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio – Linda V from Pennsylvania & Ermanno from Italy

New Zealand City & Area Directories, 1866-1955 – Amy M from Oklahoma & Beverly P from Arizona

Canada, Nominal Rolls and Paylists for the Volunteer Militia, 1872-1914 – David D & Linda, both from the UK

There were many contributors who tried their hands at each of the projects – some who keyed a lot and some who keyed only a few records – no matter what your contribution your efforts are appreciated!

I am excited for all that we have been able to accomplish and for all that will be coming!

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Reader Comments

Please, can we get our hands on the handwritten indexes to the Hamburg Passenger Lists to key? I would love to do those! There is so much information in those indexes relavent to locating our European ancestors. How about it? We need a German project to key that is fairly easy. We can do it!

Oops! Sorry Anna! I mistyped your name ‘Amy’ — my mistake, I’m very sorry. Names are important, and so is yours.

Linda is right, we really need a German Indexing Project… My keying ended with the Mecklenburg and Luebeck Census Projects…


Why are most of the released USHMM projects on the dashboard still under the heading “in Processing” and not under “Live”? This also applies to some other projects.