From Italy all the Way to New Zealand

Italy had a few visitors yesterday as we keyed and arbitrated 177 image sets – a large increase over a typical Thursday.  Thank you to everyone who worked on the Pavia Matrimonio records!  And congratulations to…

Linda V. from Pennsylvania and Ermanno from Italy! 

Tomorrow we’ll be in the southern hemisphere.  The  New Zealand City & Area Directories, 1866-1955 are generally not difficult to read but they do take some time as each image, there’s only one image in an image set, has hundreds of names to be keyed.  This project is also  being arbitrated so if you haven’t checked out an arbitration image set for a while here is another opportunity.  To brush up on your arbitration skills review the instructions here

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

WOW! 18 contributors keyed more than 1000 names each – of course the least amount was 318 so everyone keyed a lot. Our winners of the day are:

Amy M from Oklahoma for keying
Beverly P from Arizona


Hi Anna. I’ve emailed you a couple times about the prize for the Czech records from last week, but haven’t heard from you. Just wanted to make sure my messages weren’t going to a spam folder.

And congrats everyone!

Anna, According to the comment you posted on January 25, in response to someone asking if everyone is eligible to win during this trip around the world you replied that everyone is eligible to win once. I assumed that meant winners of previous challenges were eligible to win one during this series of challenges. I submitted over 5000 records during the Feb 11 New Zealand challenge. Was I mistaken in my interpretation of the eligibility rule?

It might be taken into account, when were the sets downloaded, but this is just my guess…

If you find the 600 New Zealand records I keyed and proofread that mysteriously vanished, let me know, please. It is the least courtesy you can extend to someone who wasted time on your project. I haven’t keyed anything for this site since.
I am making great progress keying for my hometown website, where I have control of what’s going on, can protect my work, do my own proofreading and get useful, productive responses from the webhost. I don’t have to interpret or guess at ambiguous instructions, or wonder what the explanations mean, since they amount to imagining what could have gone wrong, not what actually went wrong, but it never gets fixed, and those in charge are never responsible.
I also don’t have to deal with “contests”, or choosing between a T shirt or software that doesn’t work. I do it because it is worthwhile.

Everything is resolved with your prize.

You are correct – contributors could win once during the Journey Challenge.

And BalazsR, you’re right. I am pretty sure there were a handful of contributors with this challenge who had downloaded and worked on image sets prior to the 11th. I will keep this in mind for the next challenge.

I appreciate your feedback. In regard to the lost records – there was an issue with a few projects a couple of months ago where some of the backend work was corrupt. This resulted in the records being deleted and a few dozen contributors lost some records off their total counts. I apologize for the impact this had on your record count. If you ever have difficulties that you feel are not being resolved properly please email me, afechter at