World Memory Project Update

Woohoo!  Yesterday we hit a big milestone for the World Memory Project.  Over the past year you have keyed more than 1,000,000 records and completed 8 projects!

Together with our partners at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, we want to give a big “Thank you” to everyone who has worked on these projects and helped us toward our goal of building the world’s largest online resource for information about individual victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution.

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Reader Comments

i am so pleased that we have achieved this so quickly. I have been working on quite a few of the projects and recently while arbitrating the Krakau project, I came across a letter from hismetal company to the German authorities signed by Oskar Schindler, stating the case why this particular worker should stay in Kraków, because he was ireplaceable. Needles to say the request was granted. This made my day. We see fils based on history but seing the actual documents brings reality to it. I will continue working on the USHMM projects.

i’m trying to help do this, but i just keep getting kansas records, that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the holocaust to me