Year End Challenge Results

I know you’ve been holding your breaths waiting for the results so I hope you see this before you pass out.  We had a great end to the year with over 1000 people keying during the challenge.  Whether you had the time to key one record or a thousand your efforts are appreciated! 


Congratulations to Karen T, the overall winner with 20,171 records keyed and reviewed. 

Honorable mention to the following who were respectively the top Keyers, Reviewers and Arbitrators.

Jane F

Aimee M

Kim B

Mary F

Pearl  W

Thank you all for giving of your time and knowledge to contribute to the many projects we are working on.  Look for more challenges to come this year!

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Reader Comments

Congratulations, Karen T!!! Awesome work!!

Great job to everyone who joined in this challenge! Definitely good to see those numbers go down and percentages up!

Way to go Karen and all others! Congrats!

I note your system has not updated the number of records keyed for about the last two weeks. Is there a problem or a backlog?

I note my keying statistics are still at least two weeks old, and although you’ve contacted me, I still don’t know what the problem is.

I don’t see how anyone could key 20171 records in 72 hours. That is 280.16 records every hour for the duration. I feel that some are abusing the system and not playing fair.

Re Bevs comment. It is not only keying that was involved but reviewing which is a totally different thing to keying

The challenge said “keying.” Did everyone get the choice to “review”, which seems to be a cursory glance at previously keyed documents?

I did not participate, but did key about 600 records in a directory over the holidays, and those still have not showed up in my number of records keyed in total or the last 90 days.

I think this challenge, and problems such as I have had, may have simply “ticked off” a number of people who may choose not to work with your projects in the future. I only do this because I thought it was helping a greater cause.

The failure to respond is aggravating.

Hi Marji If you look back at the original challenge it did say Keying, Arbitrating and Reviewing and that there would be prizes awarded for the top keyers in each category

Marji:- Arbitrating or reviewing is not just taking a cursory glance at something and gaining a lot of credits. If you key a page of 200 names, you get credit for 200. When I arbitrate/review that page, I must check that each of those 200 names are correct. If I make 2 corrections in those 200 records, I get 2 credits. It takes a lot of pages, sometimes, to get a whole dozen credits! One of the most common mistakes I find is that one name is left out, a person is often almost cross-eyed looking for those missing names. If each person who keyed a record “proofed” it themselves before submitting it, most of the need for reviewers/arbitrators would be gone, as most of the “mistakes” are simply a case of missing something the first time through. The other thing that keeps me busy is the people who see “Wm” and insist on typing William, or seeing “Geo” and typing George. In the Voluntary Militia I am doing now,some people insist on seeing Lieut and expanding that – some people have no idea what QMS or Lt Col mean, and there are certainly some interesting things typed. All a person is to do is type exactly what they see …..

Apparently, my name is misspelled Aimee on here, since I was informed of my placement by email. I wonder where they got that spelling?

I would like to know if anyone has record of the oldest known McElhannon