Happy Thanksgiving and let the Challenge begin!

Yes, for many of you I am a few hours behind.  This morning part of my family will be working to prepare dinner for the rest of us and a few others will be running in the local Turkey Trot.  So I have to admit that I won’t be reviewing any image sets until the football fest begins and I tune out.  

There are so many things I am grateful for, here are just a few. 

A year and a half ago my family tripled in size when we adopted 4 beautiful children – of course children don’t come without challenges so I am also grateful for the opportunity to grow with them!  We’ve welcomed three new nieces and nephews in the past year.  As our family tree continues to grow my heart grows along with it.  On the root side of my tree I am grateful for those who came before me and that they kept going as I can lean on their strength through my trials.  Without them where would any of us be? 

I am grateful for my health, and a body that continues to go even though I torture it – and I am more grateful for the health of my family. I have wonderful friends, near and far, who support me through the challenges of life.  Each day I go to a job that I love and I get to work with a passionate and dedicated community of contributors who continue to amaze me.  (Four years ago I was argued that yes, there were people out there who would contribute their time to get more records online and you have proven me right!)  And I am extremely grateful for the freedoms we have and for the men and women who sacrifice for us. 

Although there are only a few days in the year titled with Thanksgiving Day – I hope we take time each day to think of the things we are grateful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone and their Families

As I key Delaware Land/Indenture records I have a greater appreciation of what I have just because I was born white, however, I have a deeper respect and admiration for those who came from wonderful people that survived a terrible era in US history.

Although not an American, can I please wish you all a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.