Do you remember keying the Prison Hulk Registers?

Thanks to the efforts of 442 contributors the UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849 collection is now live on Ancestry to search!

At the time the prisons were so full that temporary prisons were set up on decommissioned naval ships in the harbor – this temporary arrangement ended up lasting for 47 years!  (As a side note, this situation occurred again from 1997-2005.)  Having prisoners already on ships was also made it convenient for transportation to Australia.

If you find looking at prison records as fascinating as I do take a break from keying and browse or search through the collection.  You never know, maybe you’ll find a relative or two.

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Is it wrong that the first thing I did upon reading this announcement was go search the database for “Abel Magwitch”? 🙂