World Memory Project Update – More LIVE Projects!

Earlier today the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and announced that material from four Museum collections containing information on more than 30,000 victims of Nazi persecution is now available online at and can be searched at no cost.  The collections were keyed by community contributors (you!) as part of the World Memory Projectand contain information on thousands of individuals including displaced Jewish orphans; Czech Jews deported to the Terezin concentration camp and camps in occupied Poland; and French victims of Nazi persecution.  

USHMM: Czechoslovakia, Jews Deported to Terezin and Poland, 1943-1945

USHMM: Czechoslovakia, Jewish Applications for Social Welfare After WWII



and USHMM: Munich, Germany, Displaced Jewish Children at the Ulm Children’s Home, 1945-1948 that we released in August.

Because of your efforts these indexes are now available online, for free, for anyone who wishes to search these four collections.  Images of the original records, some with photos, can be obtained directly from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum using these ordering instructions.

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Reader Comments

I am so pleased that the first 4 projects have gone online.

I am more than happy to contribute so others may find lost family members.

Your Ancestry team did a good job on getting these records processed so fast.

May I ask how many projects the World Memory Project has lined up for us to do?
I can’t help but be curious.

But what about the dozens of projects that have been sitting in the queue since BEFORE you started on this USHMM project? When are THOSE going to go live?

Jeff, and all,
We are working through all of the projects – there are currently 33 projects In Processing, and we’ve released 41 projects this year.

In regard to the number of World Memory Project collections we have – I can’t recall the exact number but there are more coming.

it’s amazing how Romania and Odessa projects tie in. Some of th esame people show up both places as that is where as they were deported/evacuated to Ukraine.

It’s amazing how Romania and Odessa projects tie in. Some of the same people show up both places they deported/evacuated to Ukraine. Is there a way to help with translation as I have 2 languages to assist with,Romanian and Hungarian?

I feel like I am on a mission, have to have this names entered , never to be forgotten for all their suferings.

I wonder when the Romanian Questioner will be available for research?