Fall Record Challenge – Let the keying begin!

I hope you’re not tuckered out after the mad dash to reach 4,000,000 records because… (do you hear the drum roll?) with the highest number of votes London, England, Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records has now been released for your keying pleasure.  

Over the next two+ months we will be releasing the remaining projects in the order they were voted on, with one exception.  We are not going to be releasing the U.S. Naturalization Originals, MA and ME collection for keying as we recently discovered that it had already been indexed a few years ago.  (It will be published to the site in 2012.)  To replace this project we will be keying the Alabama Naturalization Records, 1909-1991 collection.  This came as a surprise to me, along with disappointment, but I think we can enjoy keying the Alabama records as much as we would have enjoyed Maine and Massachusetts. 

I am very excited for the new projects.  And so we don’t forget about the “other projects” we’ll be having a few more Project of the Day challenges to help move them along as well.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

Alabama’s a smaller state by population, could we throw in another state to make up for the reduced size of the collection?

I am very pleased to see the London Poor Law and Settlement Records released to key but are there plans to transcribe the other Poor Law Unions across London?

Paul, I will see what we can do. Alabama is about 3/4 size of the MA and ME collection so not too much smaller.

Linda, I am not sure so I will have to look into where the other records are.

Don’t you just hate Bait and Switch tactics??

Yet another Alabama project, why am I not surprised?

“it had already been indexed a few years ago. (It will be published to the site in 2012.) ”

It should be published NOW to make up for the ineptitude.

re the London Poor Law records, I think the London Metropolitan Archives have the majority of them.

There seem to be quite a few of the London Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records in the London Poor Law Records 1834-1940 unindexed images which are already on ancestry. I must admit that when we were voting, I assumed that what we were voting for was to index those records!
I’ll see if it lets me post a link to the database that I’m talking about:

Yes, we are keying records from that database. With an index they will be searchable instead of just being able to browse through them – which of course will make it much easier to find the records!

Hi Anna and Kate,
Yes – these are the records I’ve been browsing for a while – and therefore looking forward to them being indexed. The are some school records in the 1870s I’m particularly interested in. They cut out – in the browsable images already on ancestry – at about the date I REALLY need. So I was hoping that this project would provide the records I’ve been waiting for. That’s why I’m now so disappointed that the school records won’t be indexed.
This means another trip to the LMA sometime in the future – $costly from Australia.

But Anna, that database includes lots of other Poor Law Unions apart from the ones that we’re keying at the moment, doesn’t it?

I have two questions:

1)If the MA and ME US Naturalization Originals were completed a few years ago, why is Ancestry.com withholding them and not releasing them now?

2)Once a project is completed, how long does it take before they are released?

@aphrodite, I can’t answer the first for sure.

With regards to the second, it usually takes a few months. Longer for larger collections.