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Monday, September 26th
It’s the last week of September. (I’m really not sure how that happened. Where did the month go?) There’s are a lot of things happening around here lately. Lots of projects being keyed and reviewed. New contributors joining our community. Anna is holding small training sessions where you can get personal assistance on how to key or review. Our Fall 2011 World Record Challenge is well underway.

This week I’ll keep track of some of the things going on and share them with you in a summary post at the end of the week.

Tuesday, September 27th
We sent out our bi-monthly AWAP Newsletter. Did you get it? If you did not, you can read the two main articles here and here. If you want to receive future editions of the newsletter directly to your email, please update your account settings in by going to My Account (in the top right hand corner of Click on Email Settings and then be sure that the Ancestry World Archives Project Newsletter is checked. Then click Update Preferences.

Wednesday, September 28th
We published a new project for keying. Have you had a chance to look at the Delaware Land Records, 1677-1947? These are gorgeous old records, mostly deed books of indentures. And, since a few of my ancestors came to this country as indentured servants, and many indentured their children out to apprentice with master craftsman, these records hold particular interest for me.

Thursday, September 29th
Yesterday I participated in the first ever Ancestry LIVE broadcast. Were you watching? You can watch a replay by clicking to the blog. Scroll down to the video section and click on How to Make That Key Find in 15 Minutes or Less. During this hour long Q&A session Anne and I fielded customer questions and shared some of our knowledge about how to find what you are looking for using

Also, if you are interested, I am still doing a bit of traveling and teaching this year. If you live near any of the following places and make plans to attend the event, be sure to come up and introduce yourself and let me know that you are a member of the World Archives community. I love to meet our contributors!

Friday, September 20th
The Fall 2011 World Record Challenge tab on our Facebook page has been updated. We are tracking our progress towards 4 million records indexed by the end of October. If you have a Facebook account, be sure to LIKE us and you’ll get updates in your news feed. If you don’t have a FB acount, you can still bookmark this link and check back regularly for updates.

Well, folks, that’s all for this week.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

I hate to sound like a nag because I keep asking this, but when are you expected to release your Pennsylvania Naturalization Projects? I’ve been waiting for those for quite some time….

Dana, They are in post production and we expect them to be completed soon. Thanks for your contribution (and your patience)!

Any idea when the issue with the New York Originals image sets will be resolved so I can continue keying them? There were none available over the weekend after I earned three votes keying last week. Now that some images have been “made available” today, only about one in ten will open. The remainder display an error message when I attempt to open them (doesn’t matter which of my computers, operating systems, or browsers is involved).

Thanks for replying, Crista. I’m glad to hear they’ll be ready, soon!

Hi Christa,
How about a World Arbitration Weekend, with a focus on no more than 10 projects (1 per language?) just to try to knock a few of them out?

Pat, that idea (an arbitration weekend) worries me – wouldn’t it potentially encourage people to arbitrate on projects which they aren’t familiar with? In which case they might be sending incorrect stuff through.