Project of the Day Challenge #3

We’ve got lots of prizes to give away this week!  On Tuesday, July 12th, we invite all of you to key and review image sets from the New York Naturalization Originals project.

The top three keyers and the top three reviewers for the day will all be eligibile for a prize of their choice – 3 month World Deluxe Subscription (or sub extension), Family Tree Maker 2011, or Ancestry DNA Kit.

Be sure to read the project instructions and the discussion tab to ensure the best keying experience possible.  Ready!  Set! Go!

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

This project seems to be arbitration rather than review.

i@ kate, i think arbitration should count.

Arbitration does count.

now 9:30pm is day over yet?

day over at midnight salt lake time

I would love to participate, but like a lot of other folks, I work full time and can’t do this during the week. However, if you ever think about doing this on a Saturday, I’ll be on the front-line! I love doing this work, and I can prove it. By looking for my adoptive parents-families, I found my birth parents and my siblings! If anyone ever thinks what we do is not valuable, let me know! I am absolutely positive that this is a very good thing. So, how about a Saturday? Thank you.

Don’t think I will ever input enough to make it in a challenge, however, really enjoy doing this and know it is helpful. Keep thinking, perhaps I will come across one of the pesky ancestors who are still hiding from me! It’s work, but it is fun.

Love the idea! It’s a shame I missed this completely. This is the Ancestry account my wife started, but I have spent the most time here 🙂
What a valuable resource and community!

And the winners are:

For Keying
Nicole from Washington (337)
David/Anita from Florida (354)
Balazs from Hungary (442)

For Arbitration
Joan from Nottinghamshire (242)
Kate from Nottinghamshire (318)
Karen from Oklahoma (390)

Congratulations to each of you and thanks to all of you who participated. Together we keyed and arbitrated over 7100 records on this project during that one day.

Keep an eye here on the blog for another Project of the Day challenge coming up this week.