Difficulties downloading image sets…

We are currently experiencing difficulties with downloading image sets.  We apologize for the inconvience this may cause.  When we have resolved the issue we will post to let you know.  

This does provide an excuse to go outside, get a bite to eat and give your hands a rest!

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Reader Comments

this is a very bad day for tis kinda thing, in the middle of the keying contest…

I can’t return completed sets either. Unfortunately some needed a lot of head-scratching and are about to time out. If timeout is a server side function, I hope you can give us an extra day’s grace. Never mind giving my hands a rest, it’s past my bedtime and I wanna rest alla me!

I had no trouble returning sets. Download still not working. 🙁

Hi all,
Continue to try and submit your completed image sets. The issues I mentioned earlier are a little more involved than I thought so the resolution will take longer than expected. We will continue to keep you updated.

I am also unable to submit.

I was gone most of the day so I didn’t experience any problems and when I signed on at 5:20 pm (Cal. time), I haven’t had any problems, BUT I WISH I HAD!! I submitted some and then downloaded some — the last 4 sets was AWFUL handwriting — oh, have had this person’s writing before, so maybe it won’t be as difficult this time. Looks like he/she had a leaky pen.

The difficulties we encountered yesterday have now been resolved. We appreciate your patience.

Happy keying!

It’s weird. On the keying tool my Accuracy is Unknown. And on the Dashboard my Accuracy is Needs Improvement. But none of the records I have keyed recently have been reviewed yet, according to the project page stats. What’s going on with the Accuracy?

@Jessie. The widget on the dashboard is interpreting this as a 0%. Ignore that, its a bug.

Everything is working fine now.

Little Programming Suggestion:

It would be nice to have a set counter for those of us who upload multiple imaage sets.

Hi Anna, I’ve been having problems now for over 2 weeks. My original number for the problem was 110629-000593. The drop down dictionary lists still are over riding every name or occupation I’m trying to type on the form.I actually called our internet provider and after a 1/2 hour they said it was in your system. I even had a neighbor come over who is the main computer manager for John Hopkins Hospital and he said it wasn’t my computer. Please help me with thisl. I love helping World Archives but, now I’m so frustrated. Thank you,God Bless & have a great day.


When a field turns orange, it just means that a piece of information is not in the dictionary.

If 100% of fields are turning orange, it is possible you have either corrupted dictionaries, or corrupted configuration files. There are some projects where 80-90% of the entries will not be on the list. (Occupations for the California railroad, and names for various USHMM projects, Radom in particular)

If you want, you can just delete all the dictionary files. Next time you pull a project, the appropriate dictionaries will be redownloaded.


It would be advisable to cancel or finish all of your outstanding work first.

Worst case scenario is you press f7 to validate your entries. Which will be annoying, but not harmful.

Sandy, just a thought – it couldn’t be that you have Auto-complete switched on, could it? File – Options – then if the “Auto-complete based on suggested entries when entering data” box is checked, uncheck it.

It’s probably not that but I just thought I would mention it in case!

I wasn’t sure how long the problem was posted for. I had problems with blurred images and thought it was just several batchs of bad sets and submitted tham as cover sheets.

Are there new difficulties in downloading sets? All sets or just some? I can’t dowload Canadian Militia

Same as poster #15, Becky – I can’t download any image sets at all.