Project of the Day Challenge #2

It’s time for another World Record Challenge Project of the Day! And, since it’s Wednesday it’s also time for another new project to be published to key. This week we thought we’d combine both and give everybody a fair shot at winning since no one will have any experience keying this particular, brand new, project.

The project is Paris, Vicinity and other French Cities, Electoral Cards, 1900-1932.

These records are in French. However, they are cleanly fielded and only contain one record per image. The handwriting is a little challenging. But, I found that I was able to read it better the more I keyed.

This week we have two prizes to give away. The top keyer AND the top reviewer will each receive a copy of Family Tree Maker 2011. And – even though we are calling it the project of the day – we will run this competition from today through tomorrow. That means all completed image sets submitted in this project through 11:59 pm (Mountain Time), Thursday, Jun 30, 2011 are eligible.

Be sure to read the project instructions (click on the link above) before you begin keying. As the reviewers check your keying, I am sure they will be updating the discussion tab on that project page.  So, be sure to check back regularly (especially if your accuracy on this project is not where you would like it to be) and see what common errors they are discovering as they review.  Good luck!

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

The instructions for the Residence – Commune are just confusing.
And if I do type Paris and then 11 it brings up the suggestion box.Then I couldn’t type in the number 4 at all.

The suggestion box seems to work now when you type the number in the box after typing the city, Paris. It also seems to work when I close it.

What confuses me is that the ones with no commune or arrondissement number may have a street address only. Some have a stamp of the city or a handwritten word: Bordeaux, Versailles, Toulouse which helps. Sometimes the stamp is at the top.

If no city is mentioned or Paris – arrondissment number, should we type in a street address?

It’s a shame that Paris 1, Paris 2, etc and 1 Paris, 2 Paris etc are not suggested entries for the residence field, so you have to F7 them every time.

I googled a list of departments of France. There are 96 departments. The list helped me especially when the handwriting is abbreviated. A link to one of these might be helpful.

Wiki has 103 Departments of France.

Even with all of the download and upload issues yesterday, you all managed to key and review a total of 3522 records from this project as it debuted.

The winners of our Project of the Day Challenge are both from Oregon. Kristen keyed a grand total of 384 records on this project on Wednesday and Thursday. Paul reviewed a total of 929 records. Well done to both of you. We will contact you next week to verify your mailing addresses so we can get you a copy of Family Tree Maker 2011.

In the meantime, Happy Canada Day to our neighbors to the north. Happy Independence Day to all of you here in the States. And to the rest of you, I hope you enjoy your weekend. I’ll be back next Friday with another Project of the Day Challenge for next Saturday.

Wasn’t there to be a project of the day to be announced today?