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You all know that some of my favorite words are “Released to Search” – unless you’re new here, in which case, WELCOME!  And, guess what?  One of my favorite phrases is “Released to Search.”  That means that a database that was indexed by the Ancestry World Archives Project community has completed post-keying production and is now available on (for FREE, for ANYONE) to search.  (Oh, and if you’re new here, you might not know about one of our cool benefits.  If you are an active contributor – keying 900 records or more in the last 90 days – you also have free access to images for all AWAP databases, even if you don’t have an subscription.)

This month we’ve released six databases thanks to the efforts of the World Archives community.  So, if you have genealogy research to do in either California or Alabama, be sure to check out these databases and see what you can find.  And, if you find a relative in one of these databases be sure to leave a comment and let us know.  We always love to hear that our efforts have helped others to be more successful in their family history journey.

Alabama Death Record of State Convicts, 1843-1951

California, Pioneer and Immigrant Files, 1790-1950

California, World War I Death Announcements, 1918-1921

California, World War I Soldier Citations, 1918-1921

Who’s Who on the Pacific Coast, 1913

Motion Picture Studio Directories, 1919 and 1921 (If you want to learn a little more about this interesting database be sure to read Paul’s post over on the blog today.)

Until next time – Happy Keying!

P.S. – We’ve cooked up a fun new World Record Challenges for this summer.  We are calling it the Project of the Day.  The first one is tomorrow.  The person who keys and/or reviews the most number of Kansas, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post Records, ca 1878-1945 on Thursday, June 23, 2011 (Mountain Daylight Time) wins a one-year, World Deluxe subscription to  If you haven’t keyed on this project before be sure to click through to the project page and read the instructions so you are ready to go tomorrow.  Good luck!

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Reader Comments

That is very good news. When will the last Lübeck Census be released. It has been hanging around for a long time.

Brinsley Shaw (my second great grandfather is listed in the Motion Picture Studio Directories. Cool find! Thanks to all the keyers!

Good to hear these are up.I think I may have done a little work on all of them.I did quite a few of the WW1 records.
I remember one of the soldiers in the California, World War 1 Soldier Citations.
Look up Clair Kirk if you want to read an amazing story.

I so wish some records from Kentucky would come up, I just started keying and I LOVE IT!

For the WRC tomorrow, does reviewing records count as well?

@bigbear, yes, it does.

Bummer — I’m going to be in travel status tomorrow.

The first batch of London School Admissions finished arbitration last year. When are they going to be released for searching?
The second batch of London School records was completed a couple of months ago, will they be available to search this year?
Also, what has happened to the Apprentice records which was withdrawn when it was over 90% complete?

Thanks Paul! @Viv, according to the dashboard, the Apprentice records have been completely keyed/reviewed and are going through the final processing before being released to search. As to when that will be for any of the projects, I have no idea.

Thanks, Bigbears6.

It’s not easy to retain enthusiasm when there are no projects with data from England remaining

learning my roots

I’ve been working on the Kansas GAR records all afternoon, and my record count isn’t going up on the wiki project page. Is there something wrong with the widget, does it not count reviewing records, or do reviewing records not count toward WRC?

Reviewing does count. But Review happens not to be part of widget on the project page.

However, If you happen to be on the top 10 reviewers, you’ll see it there.

Thanks again.

@bigbear6 – I’ve had to close and reopen new tab to load the latest stats

I keyed on several of these projects, doing a large number of the Pioneer and Immigrant cards. I did a quick search of that database, and while I didn’t find any of the folks I had hoped to see, I did find one distant cousin, Benjamin Franklin Hudspeth. Among the positions he held was listed postmaster! I can add him to the list of known postmasters in my tree to search for when that database is finished–I’ve been keying on that one, too!

Is there a link so we can see how many records were entered yesterday for the Project of the Day? And is there a way to see how I ranked compared to everyone else?

At an impressive rate of 341 records per hour for almost 8 hours yesterday, our World Record Challenge winner for the Kansas GAR Project of the Day is Pat from Florida. Not only that, but Pat keyed and reviewed almost an equal amount of records yesterday. Congratulations, Pat!

As for the rest of you, with Pat’s help, you completed keying and review of 17,396 records in this great collection. Thank you all for your contribution.

Watch this space next week for another Project of the Day World Record Challenge.

When will the London schools admissions and also the British Postal workers be released for searching please.

Oh, I do agree with Geoff King. There has been nothing from England for ages, and the only UK left is Tax and Rent Records for Perthshire (Scotland), which are definitely not everyone`s cup of tea. There must be many UK keyers losing interest.