Project Update – New Projects!

We’ve added 3 new projects!

Our newest project is Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, or Piemonte, Italy: Marriage and Death Records, 1870-1937 Forms.  This is a fun project to see, but is a little more difficult to key than others due to the Italian handwriting.  Translating dates and the names of the months aren’t as difficult as I thought but I think it helps that I read other Romantic languages.  There are three form types with information that is transcribed, Pubblicazioni Di Matrimonio (Marriage Publication), Atti di Matrimonio (Marriage) and Atti di Morte (Death).  I ran into quite a few records that don’t have information to be transcribed, cover pages and indexes, these should be selected as Cover page, Section header, etc.  It is a fun escape from the Naturalization Indexes.

The New York and New York City Naturalization Indexes were available for download a few weeks ago but we had some difficulties with the project pages that have now been resolved.  These two projects are similar but the cards do look different.

There are two card types for the New York Naturalization Indexes, Generic Name and Name Change Card, which are easy to identify.  I found this project pretty easy to key – all of the records I saw were typed and so it only took me 5 or so minutes to go through an image set of 10 images.  New York City Naturalization Indexes has three card types, General Index Card, Name Change Card and Card Back.  These cards have some printed writing on them that I don’t find difficult to read.

Enjoy working through these new projects! 

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Verbano-Cusio-Ossola death notices:
I think it would be fair to warn people that these are far from straightforward, especially if you are unfamiliar with the way Italian names are shown in handwriting. There are problems, ie. the Highlight cursor does not travel to the correct position for “age” which is a problem because other peoples present at the time of death also give their ages. When putting in months in Italian with the same starting initial eg Marzo or Maggio there is only a 1Marzo and no 2 for Maggio so it all takes longer. Keyers should also be warned that the right-hand half of the page comes under section 2 – I wasted a lot of effort tring to get the highlighter to behave until I sussed this out!

Working on the NYC naturalization index, I want to confirm that when going to the card back, I should only enter Nationality. I have found quite a few cards with info on them, but no box. Am I messing up by not entering things such as military discharge, petition denied, etc?