Update: USHMM – Poland, Jewish Holocaust Survivors Registered in Warsaw, 1945-1946

As you may have noticed this project has “disappeared” from your Available Projects list.  We have encountered a few technical issues that need to be resolved before keying can continue.  We appreciate your patience and hope you use this time to practice your skills on the two remaining Polish projects.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

I am new as of May 5th. I really want to do this but I seem to be having a problem. I downloaded the registration forms. It says to use the pull down list to verify the name and also for birth city. I looked under Help, Data, and could find nothing. What am I missing? I can’t believe I can not find a simple pull down list. Thanks for your help.

The Drop Down list is just there for help.It can be a convenience when typing.
When entering a field you will see a list come down from the box.You can choose a number,and it will fill in that entry.
For the month of December,if you type in D,December will come down,and you can choose it.

Just key what you see for names,and locations.If the box is red,hit F7 to accept it.

Another Option: If you go to File and click Options, the first box can be checked and you will have “automatic entry”. Then if you go to the date and type D, December will fill in automatically. You can also change font size there if you have trouble keying in the small boxes.

Will this project be available in the future? Please!!!

I would like, very much, to enter information for this project yet I feel that the project is “over my head.” I would like someone to help me along so that I can do this alone.

I started keying just two weeks ago. I have been looking forward to feedback so that I can improve. Is that something I can expect anytime soon.

my mother father is in malaya in 1946 as are british solider we don,t his last name and his frist name is peter he was in mail man or post man in the british army ..i belive he was are jew and polish or poland how am i going to fine out