Time For Another Keying Party

If you have joined our community within the last year you may not know about Virtual Keying Parties. But, it’s about time for another one.

This coming Tuesday – May 3rd – will be the biggest virtual keying party we have ever held. We invite you to open up your keying tool this Tuesday and key with us. We will start at 6:00 a.m. Mountain Time (that’s noon GMT) and key ALL. DAY. LONG. Our goal is to have the single largest keying day ever.

Last summer during our World Record Challenge we keyed and arbitrated a total of 123,667 records in one day. I bet we can beat that this Tuesday!

To facilitate this, AWAP team members will be online at Twitter and Facebook throughout the day. You can ask questions, post accomplishments, and share what you are finding in the collections you are working on.

To join in the Facebook conversations be sure to click LIKE on the Ancestry World Archives Project Facebook page.

On Twitter click “Follow” on the World Archives Twitter profile. Then, go to http://search.twitter.com and type in #awap to follow the conversation. If you have a question – tweet about it. If you finished an image set – tweet about it. If you’re done for the night – tell us how many records you keyed. And be sure to always include the #awap hashtag so we can all follow along and respond.

Ladies and gentlemen, flex your fingers, open up your keying tool and start keying. See you on Tuesday.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

P.S. – Like any good party, feel free to stay all day or just show up when you can for as long as you can. I can’t wait to “meet” you there!

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Reader Comments

Gee. Sorry I can’t join you just because I use a Mac.

I will be late coming to the party. Will it be okay if I come in the evening after work : }



I’ll be there throughout the day. I always key in the morning, but I’ll be sure do add evening work.

I have the day off of work – so I will be there!

For those of you not on twitter of facebook, the message boards will of course be open, as they always are.


I’ll try to keep up with questions.

will we be keying anything special or just keying whatever is available?

Noon GMT – that’s 1 p.m. British Summer Time, isn’t it?

Will be here today!

Are there any more UK records due to be published for keying in the near future?

Purely selfishly, I would be more keen to join in today if there was something more relevant to us over here.

Sorry 🙂

Key whatever you like… but there IS something special.


Would have been nice to connect with someone to ask questions other than Twitter or Facebook – you know, for the minority of people who don’t use Twitter or Facebook or walking around with a cellphone in our hand or …

So how did we do yesterday? Update please!

Anna tells me it was around 133,000. So we beat the record. There’s supposed to be a note around somewhere. I cant seem to find it.

I agree with the comment from Alison
Posted on:
May 3, 2011 at 6:55 am
I found the London School entry project very interesting, but it seems that we don’t have many UK based projects at the moment. Any more in the pipeline?