First World Archives Project Record Collection Complete

Congratulations!  We are excited to announce the completion of the first record collection indexed through the World Archives Project!

Due to your efforts the nearly 60,000 records in the Wisconsin Mortality Schedules, 1850 – 1880 were keyed within a few months of the World Archives Project being announced. The Wisconsin Mortality Schedules collection was completed; this includes the keying, arbitration and development work, in the three months following the World Archives Project beta launch in September. Beginning with this collection, all indexes completed through the World Archives Project are searchable for free on

Soon, active contributors (those keying at least 900 records per quarter) will be able to take advantage of several benefits including:
• Free access to all images associated with all collections keyed through the World Archives Project
• Discounts on their current memberships upon renewal (this discount is currently available)
• The ability to vote on which collections are indexed next (and thereby suggest collections that may be of personal interest to them)

Current Collections in the World Archives Project include:

Current Projects                                                                       % Complete
Historic Postcards (France)                                                              40%
Lubeck Marriage Banns (Germany)                                                   86%
England and Wales, Criminal Registers, 1805 – 1892                      28%
England, Newspaper Index Cards (Andrews – UK)                            14%
Nebraska State Census, 1885                                                          38%
New England Naturalization Indexes                                               20%
New York Naturalization Indexes                                                      2%
NYC Naturalization Indexes                                                              1%
Southern California Naturalization Indexes                                    19%

We also have a few collections that are now in the arbitration process. These include:

Projects in Arbitration                                                             % Complete
Middlesex, Criminal Registers                                                         69%
Marriages of the Deaf in America                                                    71%
Alabama State Census                                                                  89.9%
Historic Postcards (Swedish)                                                           69%
Historic Postcards (Italian)                                                              76%

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Reader Comments

Wooooo Hooooo!!!

One down……

🙂 Way to go everyone!

I think it would help if there was a short video showing how to record the information.

Way to go everyone. Hopefully the next generation won’t have the trouble we have had finding their roots. I enjoy doing this.

Well done everybody !!!!

I for one am thoroughly enjoying the project.

Very excited about the perks too !!!


what Perks?

The discounts on Memberships etc Keith

I have been keying records since 09/11/2008 and my record shows 9080 records keyed.
My membership was renewed on December 2, 2008 but no mention of the discount ???
It doesn’t really matter–I will keep keying–I enjoy it–just curious.

Great Job to all. To me the discounts and the amount of records keyed are not an issue its what we are doing to maybe help the upcoming generations.

It does say in the terms & conditions of the WAP that keyers are eligible for a discount on renewal (I believe 10% on US collection and 15% on UK collection?). You need to call 1-800-ANCESTRY to obtain the discount.

I, for one, am doing this because I love being a contributor to the project, and I like being one of the first people to see these records. I love being part of history!

The discount is great, but not why I am doing this 🙂

I guess as we are the beta testers they think we are keen enough. When it opens up to everyone they may need some incentives to attract people to keying.

As an Arbiter I am really happy to see one set completed. Great work by all!!

But I do see keyers that are causing many image sets to be returned for re-keying because they seem to be interested only quantity (that is to say the 900 records per quarter) then for quality. These keyers are only entering the names or only the first record when there are 3 to a set is doubling the work load for all volunteers.

There are keyers who are GREAT!! and making arbitration a breeze with minimal typos and my kudo’s go out to them. Being a data entry person from back in the punch card days I know about accuracy!!

I enjoy this project and hopefully we will get to births, deaths and marriages one day to key for research.

Does anyone know how to find out their accuracy? I just have a box that say how many records I’ve keyed. It would be nice to know if I keyed 922 records at 97% accuracy or if I keyed them at 5% accuracy

Will there ever be a way to correct the records already out? I found my great great grandparents marriage certificate under Ontario,Waterloo, Canada marriages and they were actually married in Ontario,Waterloo,New York
which means all the other records in that index are wrong as well

We are working on adding accuracy numbers to the dashboard stats. We are also working on making the images available for active contributors to view,

Are any of the completed projects currently available on