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Australia Newspaper Vital Notice instruction UPDATE

Many of you have come across image sets in the Australia Newspaper projects where family members and loved ones have submitted multiple notices of an event, most often it’s a death notice.  The resent discussion has lead to a Project Instruction update for both projects.  Please check out the instructions for both Australia Newspaper Vital […]

Did you know you could reorder the columns?

I recently opened a review image set and the columns didn’t match the order they were in on the image. A bit of background…  When I review I often go up and down columns vs. across the entire record.  The main reason I do this is I have found for images with large numbers of […]

USHMM – Poland, Łódź Ghetto Transportation Lists, 1939-1944

The Poland, Łódź Ghetto Register Books is part Part 7 of this series.  These records are in German.  This project is part of the World Memory Project.    Due to the sensitive nature of the USHMM images there are no image samples with callouts on the project page.  Please use the discussion page for additional community support. You […]