Archives for April, 2017

UK Absent Voters Lists

Our new project this week is the UK Absent Voters Lists.  The records are typed and easy to read.  The “complexity” with this project is that we are only keying the soldiers from the Absent Voter’s List so we have to wade through all of the voter’s lists to find those records, so many image […]

Projects Update

Wow!  This is long overdue. In 2016 we indexed 405,134 image sets for a total of 15,234,403 records contributed.  Since the beginning of the year we have indexed 80,180 image sets for a total of 3,882,024 records contributed.  We completed 43 project and 57 projects were launched live on Ancestry.  What a great effort! Projects that are over a […]

Return of the Dictionary of National Biography

Many years ago we indexed volumes 1-20 and 22 and we are now able to complete the database with volume 21.  The Dictionary of National Biography is a reference book on important figures from British history.  We are capturing data for the primary individuals listed – there are many additional names listed in the biographies that […]