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A handful of new projects

Today brings us 5 new projects!  There was a pause on new projects as back end work was completed and the following projects were waiting to be published. Dorset, England, Bastardy Records, 1821-1853 This project may be familiar as we have keyed similar projects.  The records are handwritten on printed forms.  If you have any […]

Popular projects

Generally I have a good feel for what projects are getting the most attention but sometimes I am surprised. Over the past month it came as no surprise that the most records were contributed for the Kansas, City and County Census project, 806,000+.  In a distant second in contributions was the Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices […]

USHMM – Łódź, Poland, Student File Cards

Today brings us a new project – USHMM – Łódź, Poland, Student File Cards.  This is a collection of cards for the students that attended school in the Łódź Ghetto.  This project is part of the World Memory Project. The records are handwritten but on printed forms.  The names are generally Polish so vary from the […]