Archives for June, 2016

West Florida, Archives of the Spanish Government, 1782-1816

Today brings us a new project – West Florida, Archives of the Spanish Government, 1782-1816.  This is not a typical project as most of the images will only have a page number keyed (Content form) and we are keying names from the indexes (Record form).  The records are typed and easy to read.  If you […]

When to [Blank] Fields

By Darci Crandall In todays post we will discuss when fields should be “Blanked Out” and when they shouldn’t. WHEN YOU SHOULD BLANK OUT Have you ever typed a value into a field and the box turned red? Sometimes you open a project and the boxes are red to begin with – before you’ve started […]

What Names Should I Key?

We recently added something new to the keying instructions for each *newly released* project called “What Names Should I Key?” If you have not run across one yet, take a look at an example below: What Names Should I Key? Government gazettes are like a newspaper with articles, except the articles deal with notices of various kinds put out […]

More new Australia projects

Today brings us two new projects … Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1851-2001 (Part 3)  This project was sorted prior so the images will all contain birth, marriage or death records.  Being a newspaper the records are typed and we have enhanced the images so they should be easy to read. If you have questions or […]