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Don’t Key Crazy Things!

By Gillian Sicotte Occasionally, values get keyed into fields that are descriptive in nature, rather than strictly what is shown on the image. While it is wonderful that individuals are taking the time to make educated judgments, these judgments should not be keyed into project fields. So what should and shouldn’t be keyed into a […]

Australia, Sheriff’s Papers (Part 1) UPDATE

Today the Event City field for Sheriff’s Papers was updated to more reflect the actual event being keyed. Please note that the field help and the keying image samples have all been updated. Thank you to all of those in the community who brought this to our attention.

New and improved Alabama

A few weeks ago we let you know we were going to remove the Alabama, Surname Files, 1901–2005 to make some changes to how it was keyed.  Although the records are the same the instructions are very different – use the sample images to help understand what information should be keyed.  We will be capturing […]

New USHMM project

Today, as we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the World Memory Project it is fitting to release a new project for keying.  The Kraków, Poland, Jewish Inhabitant Registration Forms, 1940 project was released this past year for high school students to key and we will be completing it.  These records document individuals who lived in […]

Happy 5th Anniversary World Memory Project!

Five years ago we announced our partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the creation of the World Memory Project.  Since that time the project has grown to 3500+ contributors, 3.4+ million records contributed, and 23 databases for searching! We celebrate this anniversary coinciding with the Days of Remembrance events – time set […]

Contributor Project Testing

As some of you will remember, in the past we had contributors test projects prior to the release for general keying.  We would like to start this testing again.  If you would like to participate and are willing to… Test the project in the keying tool and review the wiki article, including sample images. Send […]