Archives for April, 2016

Kansas is back!

Over the past few years we have had the fun of keying the Kansas, City and County Census.  The final segment, Part 5, has just been released.  Although this is a familiar project this final part brings us a new record type that we are keying so you will want to review the form description […]

How we get the Keying Wiki

Have you ever been looking at or searching a particularly intriguing collection and wondered, “How do they get the names from these images? I wonder what goes into that?” You have? Great! In order to get that data from the images, you need instructions as to how to extract it. These instructions are provided in the […]

Colonial Families in the U.S.

Today brings us a fun project.  It was originally indexed by OCR many years ago so not all names and pertinent information were indexed.  The records contain a history and genealogy of colonial families who settled in the U.S.A. from 1607-1775 – note that not all records are from this period as that is just […]

More UK Projects

Today brings us two UK projects. Dorset, England, Poor Law Apprenticeship Records, 1601-1900 These records provide details for individuals who were apprentices and their masters.  In these records you may encounter difficult handwriting and a variety of formats due to the large time frame.  If you have questions about this project please post them on […]

Alabama Surname Files – project changes

Based on feedback, mine and yours, we have decided to halt this project and add additional fields.  In adding additional fields this project becomes more useful for researchers and it will be easier to key. This does mean that there will be a loss of effort which was a large factor in deciding whether to […]