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Sometimes unfortunate things happen

By the title of the post it is safe to assume that we need to share some not as happy news.  Yesterday it was discovered that we had inadvertently been keying some records that we had already keyed.  Some of the records in New South Wales, Australia, Industrial School Registers, 1867-1925 (Part 2) were also in […]

The Wiki is Down

UPDATE: The wiki is back up! The wiki is currently unavailable.  This means that all of the help articles are not accessible.  We are working on the wiki and hope to have it back up soon.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is the day that the United Nations has recognized as International Holocaust Remembrance Day; it is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  The World Memory Project will celebrate our 5th anniversary in a few months – in that time millions of records have been indexed by thousands of contributors.  Currently there are 21 […]

Keying Standards: What Has Changed?

Many of the indexers that have been keying for the Ancestry World Archives Project have been keying the same way for many years. So with the new Keying Standards that were posted Tuesday the 19th, what has really changed? Three things. When the year is presented on the image in 2 digit format, it does […]

Ancestry World Archives Project Keying Standards Overhaul

Today we have some very exciting news for new and seasoned indexers alike! The Ancestry World Archives Project Keying Standards (AWAKS) have been extensively updated. These standards serve as general keying standards for all projects, only superseded by the Wiki Article Project Instructions. New to indexing and want to know the basics of how to […]

More “criminal” records

One of my favorite projects to date – location, criminals, pictures, slight challenge of handwriting – the Arizona, Prison Records, 1875-1929 seems to have it all.  These are prison records from Yuma, Arizona.  (My sister lived, and taught HS in Yuma for years – their school mascot was a “Crim”.)  This project is rated as […]

New year, new projects

After the drought comes the windfall – today brings us 4 new projects! Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter (Birth, Marriage and Death Notices), 1738-1925 (Part 2) Similar to part 1 … exactly the same instructions but different records.  The images have been presorted so there should be records to key on every image.  We […]